Innovation, fundamental for a healthy future. 

Healthcare is a key focus area in our society. The continuous search for innovative products is important to all of us. This search to improve diagnosis and treatment leads to excellent ideas and solutions.

Yet many ideas for medical technology never reach the status of market launch, let alone commercial success. The road from a brilliant idea towards commercial success is complex. Many promising concepts lose too much time during development.

They may strand in the tangle of procedures, dossiers, quality and reimbursement requirements and other necessities demanded by laws and rules. Also, a lack of knowledge and experience on marketing and sales can spoil a potential groundbreaking product.

NICE Medical provides answers to these missing links, that are pivotal for a successful market launch.

NICE Medical is affiliated with the Health Valley network, SMB Life Sciences and Noviotech campus. “Health Valley” is the region from Enschede -Nijmegen/Arnhem – Eindhoven/Oss.

A short, nice, presentation on Health Valley is available at Medical Travel (start @17:45).


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